Animals and Health

Since I was a little girl I have always loved animals. I used to go horse back riding for seven years. All the long hours in the stable just to brush my favourite horses. One of my favourite shops by then was to buy riding clothes in is the riding department at Harrods in London. I bought for instance some of my trousers and jumpers there. Very good quality and they don’t cost more than in the ordinary shops which sell riding equipment. 😀 Just a shopping tips for you who are interested and are in need of good quality riding equipment.   😀

The first horse I rode was named Lilla Grå (Little Grey).

She was an angry little pony, but very good at dressage, but my first love was a brown pony called Tarquin.

He was a stubborn, angry little man, but I loved him a lot.

The horse who stole my heart was Stay Cool.

Not so many people liked him in the stable, due to that they found him ugly and difficult to ride, but I loved him and cried my eyes out when they sold him. 😦 I still remember him… I used to talk to him and feel his warm breath. Stay Cool was a sweet heart.

Another important horse is Quick Step. She had been abused 😦 by an evil man so she wasn’t the nicest horse, but I always felt safe when I jumped with her, because she was a natural jumper. However, it was a bit embarrassing, because she loved to compete and was very strong so when we galloped in full speed with the riding teacher. She used to take the first place. Haha. A winner I must say but the riding teacher wasn’t the happiest! 😀

My first animal was a hamster named Kotten (The Cone). She just ate and ate…it was nothing more she could do, if we don’t count in when she was running around in her hamster wheel all night long. ZzzZzzzZzz… not so much sleep there. 😀

I used to care of my mum’s friend’s labrador Sluggo. I must say that a nicer dog than him is hard to find. May him rest in peace! Sluggo was very nice and friendly to everyone; human beings, animals (especially to rabbits). He never did any harm. Although if Sluggo was a bit stubborn. He loved the snow. He was not a circus dog, but he stole people’s hearts with his warm heart!

Other important animals to mention are the rabbit Lång-Öra (Long-Ear), the guinea pig Memphis and finally the birds Elvis , Pavarotti and Sinatra.Yes, it has looked like a small zoo in my house, but like you can tell I do love animals!

My absolutely biggest love was a rabbit named Chicksan! I spoiled him a lot and he loved Swedish crisp bread and my cinnamon buns (no I didn’t give him a whole cinnamon bun, haha). Chicksan was caring in his own way and used to listen to everything I said (poor him… haha). After he died, I decided to not buy any more rabbits, because nobody could replace him. Chicksan was the most wonderful creature I ever have met.

Animals can’t speak Swedish, English, French, German and so on to converse with us human beings. What do they do to us to make us feel happy so it will affect our health in a positive way? They are always honest. If they like something, they do show it and vice versa. Animals don’t use lies to make us feel better or to protect themselves. They are just the lovely individuals which they have been born to be. A lot of kids love them, adults likewise and many old people have them in their hearts.

Animals can also make us feel more relaxed and loved (as long as we treat them in a good way). This is especially positive due to the stressful society we are living in. Who doesn’t want to feel loved? I reckon that even people which we would categorise as evil and less good-hearted human beings want to feel some sort of love deep down in their hearts, even if we can find it hard to understand it with our consciousness.

Dogs are used in therapy to make for instance old people’s lives happier and more meaningful. Just to feel the warm, hairy head on your lap when you for instance can’t move or have some sort of cognitive impairment or feel isolated from the rest of the world, can increase your well-being and health in a positive way. Surveys about dog therapy and dementia have been made in countries such as Japan and they all pointing at the same results; animals are good for individuals with a cognitive impairment of some sort.

Even horses have got a good impact on kids and adults with physical or mental impairments. In Sweden and in the UK they have special riding groups for kids with different kinds of impairments. Personally, I think it’s a lovely thing to do. The children learn more or less to take responsibility, attend in group arrangements, do something which they perhaps never would have been capable to do without support. It can perhaps increase their well-being and empower them to become more confident.

However, some individuals find it difficult to attend in big groups, but I don’t see it as an obstacle. Instead I see it from a different perspective. Isn’t it more important to see the happiness and love an animal can give that person in question than demand him/her to attend in a big group with strangers? To see a little kid with autism brushing a horse, smiling because he/she is happy to do that. The child with autism, riding the horse, and feel proud of what he/she could accomplish… Animals can really bring out great things from us which we didn’t know existed… How beautiful and fantastic isn’t that?!… 😀



Get yourself a nice, firm and toned bum in one week – Hit or miss?

It is a bit interesting when the headlines in the Newspapers are: “Get yourself a nicer, firmer and more toned bum in one week. Here are the tips!” In my 29 years I have never seen a woman nor a man applauding and having a cheerful look on their faces when they have seeing the headline. Normally, for instance I just see it if their own country has won an adward in sport as in football or ice hockey.

I reckon that the Newspapers want to sell more. Pretty much I would say that most of the journalists are strongly aware about that many people who live in the 21st century are more or less “obsessed” by their appearance. The beauty trend has even increased among men. More men buy beauty products on the market than they did 20 years ago! The gyms get more members, plastic surgeons earn more money due to the increased numbers of people who want to get a “new” body.

Some employers can even choose a job applicant because of his/hers appearance and not only due to the individuals qualifications. The person must FIT into the social group and share the same values, cultural and social norms. If an individual is “abnormal”  it can be a bit harder for him/her to be “welcomed” into a specific group. Pretty often, when a person seem to be different from ourselves, we pretty often define the individual as deviant, unconsciously or consciously, without trying to get to know the person. 

It takes time to get to know a person, pretty often the individual can be full of positive surprises which you did not have a clue about. It is the same thing with getting a nice, firm and toned bum. Some people are already born with good-looking bums and don’t have to exercise a lot to make it look “better”. Other individuals, need to work hard to try and get the so-called perfect bum.

Life is all about hard work and “the one week exercising” schedule is not enough. We learn new things, we can on some occasions adapt new good or bad patterns and so on. We are only humans and the “perfect” individual doesn’t exist. Sorry to make you a bit disappointed.


The beautiful person is in the eye of the beholder. I think we all should have a look at the inside of ourselves, start being honest with ourselves and stop being jealous of other people. Instead, start being proud of the good things we are doing and making!

I suggest that we start or continue to improve to become better humans! Show love and hug the people you love and tell them that you love them! Happy LOVE everyone and show the rest of the world how AMAZING you guys are! 😀

Diet – yes or no? My thoughts about diet and weight…

Hahaha… very funny! I had written a blog post which I wanted to share with you guys tomorrow morning, but I saw tonight that someone else had written a similar post to mine so I felt more or less “forced” to post it tonight. 😀 I will be pretty busy for a few days so you may excuse me that I will not post anything until Friday again. 😀

Normally, people don’t believe me when I tell them that I eat LOADS of cakes, biscuits and buns, only because I look pretty fit. Trust me, I am definitely a cookie and ice cream monster!!!

What is my secret then? Apart from good genes, I do exercise a lot! My passion for running and exercises at the gym never seem to have an end. I go to the gym at least 4-6 times a week. I try to take the stairs instead of the lift. If I don’t get the chance to go to the gym I do for instance some triceps exercises at home.  When I am exercising, I listen to music which I enjoy very much. I also love dancing, but the most important reason why I am doing these things is because I love it! I love to compete with myself, see changes, feel the joy etc.

When I am a bit hungry I eat lots of fruit instead of toasting bread all the time. Chewing gum is my addiction. My food portions are normal and I try to not over-eat the things I am being served… even if I LOVE the food. I drink lots of water, especially when I am exercising and look like a drained rat after a gym session because I exercise pretty hard, but it’s great fun! 😀 When I see people at the gym, I try to not compare myself with them, because I can only focus on me and my training. Everyone has different goals with their gym sessions so you should not compare yourself with other people. Just learn from the persons who’ve got better knowledge than you.

I have never been on a proper diet and would never like it. I love SWEETS too much. I have never ever believed in diets anyway. Sorry to say it. Everyone’s body is unique in its own way so you cannot decide that one diet should be good for every person in this world. I more believe in that you shouldn’t over-eat stuff and you also should burn more calories than you are taking in. For instance, if you have eaten lots of cakes one day, please try to not pour lots of cream into the food. Try to eat carbohydrates, fat, protein in decent amounts.  Give yourself a treat sometimes, a piece of chocolate or whatever you love the most!

Be happy with the person you are! Laugh a lot and laugh at yourself too. Trust me, it can be very amusing sometimes. Haha. 😀 Make yourself proud! Furthermore, only go to the doctor if your weight can cause your health very serious health issues. It is VERY important do something then. Don’t ever give up!! No one else can do it for you, it must come from the inside. Remember though, that the skinny body ideal doesn’t exist. It is just a very bad illusion, when people are almost starving themselves to death just to be accepted by the society and the rest of the world. Every person’s body is beautiful in its own way. It would be pretty boring if everyone looked the same. ZzzzzZzzz… 😀  Good luck and enjoy your further AMAZING life!! I will definitely do it… 😀

Dementia and Baking

Apart from baking, I have a big passion for Social Work. I am a Qualified Social Worker, (see the section “About Me” in my blog), and I am genuine interested in Elderly People’s health and wellbeing. For a while ago, I read an interesting article about people with dementia and baking. According to a review published in The Cochrane Library, for instance baking could help stimulate dementia patients memory and thinking.

I find it very interesting, because most people associated dementia with impairment. However, I don’t deny that dementia is a sort of impairment, but at the same time it is important to highlight a person’s resources to increase him/hers well-being and quality of life.

The results showed, that those patients who had received stimulating activities such as baking, scored much higher on the tests who would rate their memory and thought processes. Another important aspect I want to stress is that people who work with these patients should respect them as persons and don’t degrade them to do activities whom are dedicated children.

To help a person with dementia to get more empowerment in life I suggest that you make it clear where he/she can find the things in the kitchen, use for instance pictures to show the person where the items are, so you don’t have to go and get all the things for the elderly person. Do not forget that you can’t leave a person with dementia alone when he/she is using for instance the cooker. They might forget to turn it off after it has been used and it can cause a fire.

Why is this information important for all of us? According to the gerontologists, the prevalence of dementia illness has increased from the late twentieth century and the population gets older and older. It is also a challenge to provide good environments, from a theoretical and practical perspective, for older people with dementia. Therefore, baking, could probably be a good thing for the convenience of staff and patients. Who doesn’t love the scent of fresh and newly baked cakes in a warm and heart friendly environment? 

Motivate yourself – gym and in life!

Sometimes it is pretty difficult to motivate yourself to going to the gym. We have all been there at some point. Therefore I felt for sharing some “motivation pictures” with you guys.

People can also at some point be a bit too focused on what the society thinks about how you “should” look like and how you “should” be. If everyone looked the same, it wouldn’t be an interesting world to live in. Just because everyone is unique and special in their own way… it makes the world more fascinating! 😀  We can still learn from each others. We can also adapt new good patterns and finally, and the most important thing, we can learn how to become better individuals and more human when we meet other people! 😀


I just love going to the gym and go at least 4 – 6 times a week. My main addictions are the Crosstrainer and Running, but I have also found another great machine to tone your bum with. It’s called Cardio Wave. Not every gym have this piece of equipment because it’s pretty expensive, but it really makes your bum toned. When you bake a lot, you probably need get rid of those extra calories with some exercising. Those exercises I mentioned above are  then great “calorie killers”, fun and really addictive!

Cardio Wave