Get yourself a nice, firm and toned bum in one week – Hit or miss?

It is a bit interesting when the headlines in the Newspapers are: “Get yourself a nicer, firmer and more toned bum in one week. Here are the tips!” In my 29 years I have never seen a woman nor a man applauding and having a cheerful look on their faces when they have seeing the headline. Normally, for instance I just see it if their own country has won an adward in sport as in football or ice hockey.

I reckon that the Newspapers want to sell more. Pretty much I would say that most of the journalists are strongly aware about that many people who live in the 21st century are more or less “obsessed” by their appearance. The beauty trend has even increased among men. More men buy beauty products on the market than they did 20 years ago! The gyms get more members, plastic surgeons earn more money due to the increased numbers of people who want to get a “new” body.

Some employers can even choose a job applicant because of his/hers appearance and not only due to the individuals qualifications. The person must FIT into the social group and share the same values, cultural and social norms. If an individual is “abnormal”  it can be a bit harder for him/her to be “welcomed” into a specific group. Pretty often, when a person seem to be different from ourselves, we pretty often define the individual as deviant, unconsciously or consciously, without trying to get to know the person. 

It takes time to get to know a person, pretty often the individual can be full of positive surprises which you did not have a clue about. It is the same thing with getting a nice, firm and toned bum. Some people are already born with good-looking bums and don’t have to exercise a lot to make it look “better”. Other individuals, need to work hard to try and get the so-called perfect bum.

Life is all about hard work and “the one week exercising” schedule is not enough. We learn new things, we can on some occasions adapt new good or bad patterns and so on. We are only humans and the “perfect” individual doesn’t exist. Sorry to make you a bit disappointed.


The beautiful person is in the eye of the beholder. I think we all should have a look at the inside of ourselves, start being honest with ourselves and stop being jealous of other people. Instead, start being proud of the good things we are doing and making!

I suggest that we start or continue to improve to become better humans! Show love and hug the people you love and tell them that you love them! Happy LOVE everyone and show the rest of the world how AMAZING you guys are! 😀


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