Recommended Blogs

Unfortunately, due to lack of time, I haven’t been able to follow up my latest Blog Awards I have received from some amazing Bloggers (I was much better on doing that in the beginning). Therefore, I decided to create a page to highlight some Blogs which  I do love to follow. I will update my list continuously, so please, bear with me. 😉


1. ~~~lovely buns~~~
This was one of my first favourites when I started with my Blog. When I first saw her Baking Blog, I was impressed by her yummy and delicious cake recipes and just wanted to like everything in her Blog.

2. NowAtHomeMom
Amazing woman who has a great talent within DIY, Baking and in many more areas. This is not only a lovely Blog for housewives. Instead it’s an inspirational and creative Blog for all categories and ages. Yummy Baking recipes. DIY projects such as how to make your own Post-it’s and how to organise your pantry.

3. BAKING with Sibella
This is also one of my first favourite Blogs. Ah, she’s got such a talent. So many of her cake recipes look just amazing. Sometimes I wish she could stand in my kitchen in England and bake me one of her chocolate cakes.

4. FrugalFeeding
A true legend. Everything he does it just scrumptious and beautiful.

5. IRENA & dots
Ahh, have to love this woman’s baking skills. Lots of her pastries look so delicious and tasty.  Just have a look at her Tiramisu cake.

6. Peri’s Spice Ladle
This woman knows how to cook Indian food. I have a weakness for Indian food so I can’t help ‘drooling’ when I see her recipes. Definitely a Blog to follow if you are into the Indian Cuisine.

7. Cowboys and Crossbones
An amusing and lovely Blog to follow. She is always up for some adventure and has a cute cat as her pet and baby. An energetic woman with a good sense of humour which has a touch of bling bling and pinkish style.

8. My weight loss journey
An inspirational woman who describes her challenges and successes regarding her weight loss journey. She has definitely done an amazing job so far.

9. lovinghomemade
Here comes another ‘Bakerista’. She makes loads of yummy treats and cakes. Ahh, would could be better than her scones for an Afternoon Tea or the Chocolate Sponge with Strawberries and Cream Cheese Icing?

10. The Wayfaring Baker
A lovely and yummy Travelling Baking Blog. Here you can find lots of delicious recipes such as ‘The Ultimate Chocolate Cake’ and ‘Pistachio-Turkish Delight Cake with Rose Buttercream’.

More to follow…


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