The Magic Window; Memories, Positive Environment and Dementia

I did some craft with one of the Residents at my work. We called the session ‘The Magic Window’. The meaning of the session was to bring up positive memories, feelings and thoughts to create a positive environment. The Resident, a lady (90 years old) who got dementia, created a lovely window with a red background (her favourite colour). She painted a house and a garden (it was things she liked) as well glued a curtain to her window. She created snow flakes with help of ‘diamond stickers’ and glued on butterflies on the paper to her Magic Window. The lady enjoyed the craft session and said it was definitely worth to join in.

I created a Magic Window as well, which you can see below. My point with this Blog Post is that we can create a positive environment with being creative such as using simple stuff as glue, papers, old fabrics etc. Life can be at some point stressful, filled with obstacles and negative emotions and feelings, but if you allow yourself to take a break from your stressful lifestyle, to bring up happy memories, in your own way, you might notice that life isn’t so bad as it looks like. Most people have something to be grateful for. Everyone got unique skills and is good at something regardless if they’ve got Dementia or not.

  1. Allow yourself to be proud of yourself.
  2. Allow yourself to see what you are good at.
  3. Allow yourself to say thank you to people around you, even when it comes to little things, and don’t forget to tell them sometimes if you see that they are good at something.
  4. Be grateful for the things you got and never lose the inspiration to improve yourself and your life without comparing your life with others.

Look into your own Magic Window and see what makes you happy in life…

Magic Window Sugar and Spice Baking

Happy Magic Blogging Everyone!  😀


Where did my passion for Baking begin?

Some people have previously asked me where my PASSION for baking began. Like I have mentioned in a previous blog post, I started to use my mum’s pots and pans when I was two years old and LOVED to be with her in the kitchen. I also have loved tasting my amazing 91 years old Grandma’s cakes, she is also an EXCELLENT Baker like my mum! In the future I will share some of my Grandma’s baking recipes with you guys.

When I was a teenager, I travelled one summer by train with eight heavy cook books from Austria, through Germany and France and back to Sweden. They were all in German or French. God knows (!!) why I bought books written in FRENCH, even if I have studied French for six years. I only understood a few words of them, for instance gâteau (cake)…but I was stubborn, I wanted to try to bake some of the recipes so I bought a dictionary in French (I already had a German one).

In my time I have made a few mistakes such as when I used the Austrian measurement’s conversion and thought that 10 dkg was 1000 gram instead of the 100 grams, which is the correct number. When I tried to make Kaiserschmarrn with 1 kilo Margarine instead of 100 gram, I was pretty surprised that they had so much margarine in their food in Austria, but it was me… who hadn’t read the information correctly. Haha 😀  But hey ho… the Kaiserschmarrn tasted beautiful even if it was a bit fatty ( I got rid of lots of Margarine… so don’t worry 😉 ).  😀

My family and friends have been VERY SUPPORTIVE and tasted all the buns, cakes, biscuits I have made over the years…. From BIG cinnamon buns to SMALL Coconut cookies. The kitchen floor in one of my previous apartments was pretty well used. I used to sit there and talk and wait for the dough to rise with one of my girlfriends meanwhile we were drinking coffee. We baked for hours, almost every single day, and I was even forced to get a second big freezer in my kitchen so I could store all the things I baked. The neighbours got home-baked vanilla buns and bread on many occasions. My ex boyfriend got so tired of having go to buy flour in the supermarket all the time,  he came home one day with a big 25 kg sack of flour and said “Now you can bake!!!”.  Lovely memories….

I haven’t baked for a few years because I was studying pretty much at the University. During those years, I always felt that something important was missing in my life. Early this year, I just got the inspiration to bake again…when I was spending time with my dear and lovely British boyfriend. I felt that I had found that important puzzle piece in my life… my passion for baking and to see other people’s smiles on their faces! BAKING for me is not only a hobby, it’s a lifestyle…  😀