From England to Sweden…

17-anglo-swedish-warstockholmStockholmVisitorsBoardSkeppsholmenJeppeWikstromslottStockholmSorry for not being online so much lately. I have been pretty busy recently, but will come back more frequently in the summer. I will spend my summer in the beautiful capital of Sweden, Stockholm. 🙂 For you who haven’t been to Stockholm, here is a link to Stockholm’s website:
Deffo worth a visit in the summer!! 😀

And yes… don’t miss out Sugar and Spice Baking’s 1 year Anniversary 6th July 2013!!! 😀 More Swedish recipes to come. I’m leaving the British cuisine for now and will come back with more delicious pastries in the Autumn when I am back in the UK again.

Like they say in Austria… Auf Wiedersehen!

Sugar and Spice Baking
Mr. Croco, Mr. Octo and Mr. Water-Draggo

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