Swedish Christmas treat… Knäck… (Toffee with almonds)

I want to wish you ALL a HAPPY ending of year 2012 and a HAPPY beginning of year 2013! Hope you all will have an amazing New Year’s Eve filled with joy and festive celebrations. I want to end this baking year with a special Swedish treat we have for Christmas in Sweden which is called Knäck. It is a yummy toffee filled of sweet chopped almonds. Mmmmm… 😀



Happy New Year

Ready for the recipe? 😀 Very simple and tasty! 😀

Recipe (makes about 75)

  • 2 dl whipped cream
  • 2 dl granulated sugar
  • 2 dl golden syrup
  • 25-50 gr chopped sweet almond
  • knäck paper cases

merry xmas

Put the knäck paper cases on a baking sheet.

Heat all the ingredients, except the sweet almonds, in a heavy-bottomed saucepan, for 20-25 minutes.

Stir from time to time meanwhile the toffee mixture is cooking.

Knäck som kokar

When the mixture is almost done, stir the chopped sweet almonds into the mixture.

With help of two teaspoons pour the mixture down into each paper case.

Allow the mixture to set.

Store the Knäck in the fridge or in a cool dry place.


Happy Knäck Baking & A Happy New Year! 😀


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