Short blogging break!

Hello everyone! 😀

I will just have a short break from my blogging! Meanwhile, you may check my previous blog posts 😀

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  51. Swedish “Wienerstänger” – Wiener canapés:
  52. Swedish “Strassburgare”:
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  66. Mr. Croco’s Secret Ice cream Crumble Muffin Treat…:
  67. Swedish Chicken Falun sausage Pasties (with Ajvar and onion):
  68. Vegetarian Potatoes Pasties (with Ajvar, onion and Gouda cheese):
  69. Chocolate Vanilla Crumble Muffins:
  70. Chicken Cupcakes on a Hen do with Lovebanus:
  71. Toffee Cupcakes (with homemade Toffee sauce):
  72. Big Vanilla Meringues:
  73. Vanilla Hearts & Tiny Men Meringues:
  74. Homemade Vanilla Toffee:
  75. The two cute TOP BAKERS’ Rainbow & Bear cookies:
  76. Baking Poem:
  77. Funny picture:
  78. The meringue guy from the beach:
  80. America listen up! A mix between Swedish and American Cinnamon buns:
  81. Real men don’t buy girls!:
  82. Pineapple Coconut Crumble Pie:
  83. Not a picture for vegetarians (but still a bit funny…):
  84. Liebster Blog Award:
  85. I’ve been robbed!:
  86. How real men bake!:
  87. Happy Cinnamon bun Day!:
  88. Mr. Croco’s Secret treat – Coconut peaks and Croco poem!:

Until we meet again, sharpen your knives and forks for new yummy recipes you can put your teeth into… Nope! You will not literally, put your teeth into the cakes, maybe if you have dentures you may do that!!

Happy Blogging & Baking Everyone! 😀


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