Liebster award


I have been a bit “retarded” before and never understood what I should do after I have been nominated for an award. Instead I have just been waiting and waiting for something to happen.  Haha. Thankfully, a great blogger “” wrote on her blog what the task contained.

Today I have received some LOVELY words from a GREAT  Life Coach blogger… Marianne 😀 :

“I’ve nominated your wonderful blog for the Liebster award, Keep up the good work! :)

…Marianne, you are a star! Thank you! Continue to inspire people around the world to become happier! You are already doing a fantastic job!

Ok… here we go… as the rules provide. I should write something about myself:

  1. I use the word “absolutely” very often!
  2. I dislike when people can’t be trustworthy and honest.
  3. I love just being me! 😀

I would like to nominate, especially 3 people, which inspire me, in different kinds of ways. 




Happy Inspiring Day! 😀


6 thoughts on “Liebster award

  1. haha!! I laughed when I saw this! I’m glad I could help out!! Thanks for following me!! I love your blog…especially the pictures and someday I plan on converting your recipes to the American measurements because they all look so good!!

    • Hahaha…yes Melissa! It was very helpful! Thank you for your lovely comments! I do love your blog too! I am 100 % sure about that you are a great mum! I can really tell that through your blog posts!! 😀

    • You are welcome Candy. Your blog is absolutely amazing! I remember the first time I started to look at it. I didn’t know where to begin, because you have too many delicious things in your blog. Keep doing what you are doing! Absolutely love it!

  2. Thank you for nominating me! It’s a great pleasure knowing that I inspire at least one person, haha.

    With all sincerity, may your life be filled with happiness! 🙂

    • Zita, you are more than welcome! I love how organised you are. It is one of things I value in life. I also love that you tried to bake my Swedish Cinnamon buns … lol! I know that it is hard to find the right ingredients. I have been in the same position before and it can be a pain in the ass. Lol. You deffo deserve that nomination!

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