I have had my blog sugarandspicebaking.com for almost two months now. What makes me keep going with it? The main reason is that I just LOVE to do the things I am doing. Baking is a BIG part of my life and to see that I can make other people happy with my pastries is very rewarding!! To hear words that people I know (family and friends) are PROUD of me; find my cakes, biscuits etc lovely and delicious; love my blog posts and pictures, mean a great deal for me!! 😀



To hear that people believe in what I am doing and mainly that I believe in myself feel like a blessing…and make me keep going what I am doing.

It has given me happiness to get the chance to have contact with other bloggers on this site. It is amazing what people can create with just being creative and using their strong skills to create wonderful things…

You don’t have to be a masterchef or top “bakerista” to show the things you bake and love. The most important for me is that you show your passion for it!

I have always, during my 29 years, preached about that it is important to find your own way in life to try to reach happiness in life! This is my best advice I can give you all. Let the heart and soul guide you to happiness. Don’t be afraid to reach your goal even if obstacles can occur on the road when you are trying to reach happiness in life… It’s only YOU who can create your own happiness in life and it comes from the inside… so listen to your internal voice and don’t be afraid… be brave, honest, strong and happy instead… 😀

Happy Love Day! 😀


6 thoughts on “Happiness…

  1. A wonderful post, Maria. Life isn’t always pleasant, but thankfully we can escape from the stresses and messes of life by pursuing one’s passion. For me, that passion is baking–breads in particular.

    If you have an interest that motivates you, pushes you to your limits, and compels you to improve and do better, then consider yourself very fortunate. I find that most people prefer to sit around than try out their interests, even if it’s slight. But you never know until you try… Perhaps your heart will take off and find… bliss.

    Again, a wonderful post. 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for your lovely words! 😀 It means a lot to me to hear that from you and to be part of the blog posts you are sharing. I do love to read your blog. I agree with you… it’s a shame when people don’t do anything to find out what kind of stuff which would inspire them in life. Hope they will do it some day… 🙂

    Wish you a lovely weekend!

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