Cake judge…

A bad habit I’ve got is that I, unconsciously or consciously, judge the cakes I am being served.

It just “happens”, can’t help it… the reason for that is that I LOVE cakes, buns and cookies too much and LOVE high-quality ones. Sigmund Freud would probably disagree with me if he wasn’t dead. Maybe his Spirit will hunt me now. Freud said that nothing happens by accident—instead, there is a reason behind every act, thought, and feeling. 😀

Sigmund Freud! 

Yesterday, I ate a beautiful cookie! My auntie had baked it. It was the most TASTIEST Toffee cookie I have ever tried in my life!! 😀 I guess I told her at least 3 times how lovely it was…. and it certainly was. She’s an EXCELLENT baker! I will try to bake those cookies some day in the future and share the recipe with you guys… 😀

Me happy! 


Are you a cake judge too?! Please, share your thoughts… 



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