New Facebook page

Morning everyone!

The sun is shining in Stockholm. I stress it pretty much, but we value the sun very much in Sweden. Lol. It’s not easy sometimes to live in a country when we can only see the sun for a few months per year, haha. 😀 I love my country though. We do, like most of the British people do, complaining about how horrible our weather is.

Yesterday, I created a new Facebook page, named Sugar and Spice Baking (

Here is a short summary about the aim of the page:

“We all love cakes in different kinds of shapes and flavours! I am grown up with Swedish cakes and buns. My aim with this page is to share some of my recipes I have baked and fancy. The page is also a forum for people who love baking as much as I do and want to share their own delicious recipes. ♥”

So, please dear WordPress bloggers! If you have any tasty recipe you want to share with the rest of us, please don’t hesitate to visit my page. Can’t wait to see you all there! 😀

I wish you all a lovely day! 😀


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