Strawberries with vanilla custard

I am a huge fan of strawberries and vanilla sauce and vanilla custard. Just have a look on the picture. Yes, I ate them all 😀

This is my strawberry and vanilla summer… or shall I say year, because I started in February with big, juicy, Spanish ones.      😀

I just love vanilla in all their shapes, especially in buns and muffins or having a creamy vanilla custard with a piece of warm, yummie, apple pie. Heaven!

My favourites are the vanilla sauces and vanilla custards from Italy and Sweden, but I am really looking forward to make my own vanilla sauce or custard (or both! :-D) with recipes from USA or the UK in a couple of weeks (I have already seen very yummie ones), so please keep an eye on future posts. You might become inspired too!

Have a lovely day people! I will have it, because we have sunny weather in my beautiful hometown Stockholm!

To see more pictures and even what sort of activities you can do in Stockholm, please visit

I can highly recommend Stockholm in the summer, if you are not a huge fan of cold weather, in the winter, and enjoy winter sports such as ice skating, will say. 😉 😀


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